FIYA & Compassion That Compels Join Forces To Support Women Battling Cancer.


The FIYA team met with our friend and founder of Compassion That Compels, Kristianne Stewart, so that she could hear our heart and our commitment to help her reach more women with Compassion Bags.

We have designed these limited edition FIYA T-Shirts so that we can use the majority of the proceeds to buy more Compassion Bags. It’s a win win. You buy a shirt and it will help bring hope to a woman battling cancer.

Helping these beautiful overcomers and their will to fight is that core of why FIYA exists.


FIYA™ is not just a brand with a purpose; FIYA is a purpose with a brand. FIYA isn’t about being sick or having a debilitating disease; It’s about hope, encouragement and support.  FIYA is for everyone—those fighting publicly, privately, in a hospital or at home. We don’t need a common disease or common problem to unite us; we need only the will to fight.

We are excited to partner with Compassion That Compels this month to fulfill our mission and purpose. Join us…won’t you?


Compassion That Compels shares our vision to bring hope, encouragement, and support by reaching women battling cancer with Compassion Bags. In a little over 2 years over 1700 of the bags have helped to bring a quiet peace to a world turned upside down by cancer.

These bags live as constant reminders to each of these women that they are not alone. Each bag is filled with useful items that have Scripture attached reminding every cancer overcomer that she is first and foremost and overcomer in Christ.

Join us. Fight with us.
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